Monday, September 9, 2013

Broncos Victorious Over Patriots

On Sep. 9, 1960, the Denver Broncos defeat the Boston Patriots, 13-10, in the first ever game played in the American Football League. 

The Broncos had lost all five of their exhibition games and wouldn't experience a winning season until 1973 -- after they had already merged into the NFL. 

But on this Friday afternoon, it was Denver who was victorious. 

Patriots kicker Gino Cappelletti scored the league's first points with a 35-yard field goal to begin the game.

While the Broncos would remain in Denver, the Patriots eventually moved south to Foxborough. When they did, the team was temporarily renamed the "Bay State Patriots," much to the chagrin of many sports writers. "When I came here in February of 1971, they were the Bay State Patriots," Upton Bell, then the General Manager of the Patriots, told the Boston Globe in 2009. "The first newspaper headline I saw read, ‘BS Patriots.’ I said, ‘Oh, no. The ‘BS Patriots’? Like the ‘bull [expletive] Patriots'?

"Everybody was making jokes about us. I figured, ‘We’re not in Boston, and we’re in the middle of New England -- why not become the New England Patriots?" 

The team did just that in March, only a month after becoming the BS Patriots.