Monday, October 14, 2013

Mays Plays His Final World Series

On Oct. 14, 1973, the MLB World Series featured the New York Mets and the Oakland A's. Willie Mays was at the end of a stellar career in 1973 and was used as a pinch hitter in Game 2 in Oakland.
Mays was substituted and played in center field for the Mets when he had his last Major League hit Oct. 14, 1973. It was an RBI single and the Mets won the game 10-7. Mays had two at-bats that night.

Mays retired after the 1973 season. His Mets lost the World Series in seven games. He quit playing pro baseball after 22 great years with a career average of .302, garnering 3,283 hits and 660 home runs. 

Some of his other accomplishments include 24 consecutive All-Star game appearances. He was the All-Star game MVP in 1963 and 1968. He also earned 12 consecutive Gold Glove awards, two National League MVP awards in 1954 and 1965, the 1951 National League Rookie of the Year award, winning the 1971 Roberto Clemente Award, and setting a record for most home runs in a game with four on April, 30, 1961.

Mays also helped the New York Giants in winning a World Series in 1954.

The San Francisco Giants retired his no. 24 jersey, and Mays was named to the MLB All-Century Team and the MLB All-Time team.

Mays was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame on the first ballot he appeared on in 1979 with 94.7 percent of the vote.