Thursday, April 17, 2014

Barry Bonds Hits 500th Home Run

On April 17, 2001, in the eighth inning of a game in San Francisco, Giants outfielder Barry Bonds sends a pitch from Los Angeles Dodgers releiver Terry Adams over the right field wall into McCovey Cove.
 Barry Bonds hitting his 500th home run off of Terry Adams.
The home run was a milestone, it was Bonds' 500th home run of his career. It was also the sixth he had hit since the start of the season, which would go on to be another mark in another milestone.

Bonds would hit another 67 homers that year, finishing with a Major League record of 73, ultimately winning him the National League MVP award.

Bonds eventually became the Major League Home Run King

Bonds would finish his career as the All-Time home run leader with 762 home runs which still stands today.
Barry Bonds (left) with Alex Rodriguez (right) in 2007 at the MLB All-Star Game in San Francisco.

However, there has been speculation that New York Yankee’s slugger Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez would break Bonds’ record, but with the steroid allegations and a season long suspension this year and his declining power numbers over the past few years, the All-Time home run record might be over his head.
Currently Rodriguez has 654 home runs, just under 120 short of breaking the record. In the past four years Rodriguez has failed to hit more than 30 home runs in a single season, and two years ago in an injury plagued season, in which he only played 99 games, he only hit 16 home runs. If Rodriguez were going to break the record he would have to play for at least five more years, or until he is 42 years old. Which would actually make him the youngest player to record over 750 home runs.