Friday, December 6, 2013

Barry Sets NBA Record

On Dec. 6, 1966, Rick Barry of the then San Francisco Warriors makes an NBA record 14 free throws in one quarter. Barry who used an unconventional style of free throw shooting, the granny shot, is the owner of several NBA records although his free throw percentage record was broken by a later Warrior, Mark Price.
Some of Barry’s records include being the youngest player to score 57 points in a game. He did so at age 21, 261 days. The record still stands today as the most a rookie has ever scored also.
Highest average of steals per game by a forward in a career, with an average of 1.99, 1,104 steals in 554 games.
While holding several playoff records including:
Scoring 30 or more points in all games, any playoff series: In the six game series against the Philadelphia 76ers in the 1967 Finals.
Field goal attempts in a six-game series: 235, in the 1967 Finals against the 76ers.
Field goal attempts in a game: 48, on April 18, 1967 in the Finals against the 76ers.
Field goal attempts in a quarter: 17, on April 14, 1967 in the Finals against the 76ers.
Barry also holds a few All-Star game records as well including, most field goal attempts in a game 27, in the 1967 All-Star game, most steals in a game, 8, 1975. Most personal fouls, six, twice, 1966 and 1978.