Saturday, March 8, 2014

Racing Comes To Daytona

On March, 8, 1936, Sig Haugdahl was asked by Daytona Beach officials to organize and promote an automobile race along the 3.2-mile. Haugdahl is credited for designing the track. The city of Daytona, Florida posted a $5,000 purse for the winner.
Sig Haugdahl (left) in 1936 in his Dayton Special racecar.

The race was stopped on lap 75 of 78, with Milt Marion being declared the winner, because of sandy turns passing another car was virtually impossible, so the AAA, the sanctioning body for the race, called the race quits a few laps early.
Ben Shaw finished second place and Tommy Elmore finished third in the race. Both second and third place finishers protested the race, but their appeals were overturned.
The lost a reported $22,000 and has not promoted a race since, though the races continued until 1958, privately promoted.