Thursday, March 6, 2014

United States Football League Debuts

On March 6, 1983, the USFL, United States Football League, plays their first game. The game featured the Washington Federals and Philadelphia Stars.
Three of the elite USFL quarterbacks from left: Doug Flutie, Jim Kelly and Steve Young.

The USFL which featured 12 teams in its first year of play, 1983, expanded to 18 in its second year of play.
However the USFL, after three years of play had most of their teams fold due to going into severe debt not being able to fill their stadiums.
Some teams like the Oakland and Los Angeles franchises suspended operations for a year, in 1986, hoping to rebuild capital.
Finally four teams merged into two during 1986,, the Denver and Jacksonville franchises merged to play in Jacksonville and the Houston and New Jersey franchises merged to play in New Jersey.
With all of these changes the USFL was doomed and were never able to get back on track with competing against the NFL, and closed their doors a year later in 1987.