Monday, January 6, 2014

Sabres Win Streak Ends Against Flyers

On Jan. 6, 1980, the Philadelphia Flyers defeated the Buffalo Sabres 4-2 to stretch their unbeaten streak to a record 35 games. The streak would end the following night against the Minnesota North Stars.

After losing their second game of the season on October 13, the Flyers went nearly three full months before losing again. The Flyers were strong for the entire regular season but fell short of winning the Stanley Cup.

The longest unbeaten streak in the four major North American sports between the MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL is the Flyers record of 35. 

The second longest streak comes from the NBA as the Los Angeles Lakers won 33 consecutive games through the end of the 1971 season to the start of the 1972 season. 

Their 33 consecutive wins marks the longest win streak in the big four American sports.

The third best record comes from the MLB as the New York Baseball Giants, who won 26 consecutive games in the 1916 season from Sept. 7 through Sept. 30.

The longest streak in the NFL for a team going unbeaten is the New England Patriots who won 21 consecutive contests from Oct. 2003 through Oct. 2004.