Friday, February 28, 2014

San Francisco Giants Play 'American Idol'

On Feb. 28, 2006, the San Francisco Giants in an impromptu chemistry building exercise, made members of the ball club dress up as hosts of 'American Idol'.

Members of the San Francisco Giants during Spring Training in 2006. Barry Bonds (center) as Paula Abdul from American Idol.

Then second baseman, Ray Durham, impersonated Randy Jackson, pitcher Jeff Fassero, dressed up as Simon Cowell, then shortstop Omar Vizquel acted as Ryan Seacrest and left fielder, Barry Bonds, posed as Paula Abdul.

Bonds who had been in a bad way with media after the Balco performance enhancing drug case, finally caught some positive light with the media. Since then Bonds went back to being in a negative light with the media, as the Balco issue has risen again.